Introducing Whomping Willows DEAL OF THE WEEK!!!

Hey wizard kids!

Being a full-time wizard rocker is a weird combination of celebrating literature, playing a lot of shows, partying with fellow nerds, and paying the bills. Oftentimes, the desire to share my music and merchandise with everyone is impeded by the reality that I need to make money off this stuff. That is why I don’t just give it out for free, and I generally sell things at prices that fall just below market standards. That said, I really WANT every wizard rock fan to own my latest albums, Demons at the Helm and Wizard Party Forever!!!. They aren’t my most popular albums, but they are certainly my BEST albums, and the thought of anyone skipping either of these records because they don’t have ten bucks is kinda depressing.

SO, in comes my next bright idea: Whomping Willows DEAL OF THE WEEK. The purpose of this promotion is twofold: 1) To get my music and merch into the hands of wizard kids who have yet to purchase it, and 2) To reduce my inventory so I can walk around my apartment more freely. 😉

I thought it would be appropriate to offer Demons at the Helm first in this new line of incredible deals. Demons is my worst-selling album of all-time, and I believe it’s the subject matter that has kept some wizard rock fans away. It’s an album about REAL LIFE, specifically my life, and while I admit that my life isn’t terribly interesting, I do think it made for some decent music. Demons features AMAZING guest appearances from EXCEPTIONAL musicians, including Jarrod Perkins, Bradley Mehlenbacher, Lauren Fairweather, Mark Jennings, Georgia and Victoria Minnear, and Jeff Zentner. Demons also features the impeccable artwork of Frankie Franco. It’s an all-star album and it’s one that I’d love for every wizard rock fan to own.


Check out the Merchandise page for more details!


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  • By Alyce, January 26, 2011 @ 10:43 pm

    just so you know, i recently bought Demons at the Helm and LOVED IT! I’ve listened to it on repeat for the past couple of days and would have to say its one of your best albums. Like you said, the subject material deterred me from ever really listening to it, but im glad i finally did; your experiences make for excellent music.

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