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If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll know that I’ve been offering crazy-awesome deals on Armoured Bearcub merch for the past couple weeks. As much as this promotion is supposed to be about The Whomping Willows, we do have a fair amount of Bearcub stuff hanging around the inventory closet and we want it to find a good home! Our Armoured Bearcub t-shirt is straight-up adorable, featuring bear versions of me and Lauren drawn by Jake of The Nifflers. We’re including six Bearcub buttons in this package deal, including:

*Edward Cullen Gives Me The Wiggins button
*Two buttons with adorable bearcubs on them.
*Two buttons featuring slogans inspired by The Hunger Games
*Let’s Get Our Masters Degrees In Love button

That’s $21 of merch and we’re selling it for just $12+shipping!! Who does that?! We do! 😀

I’m also keeping The White Album available for just $4, which is an incredible deal. The album includes eight songs about topics ranging from Hunger Games to Buffy to Harry Potter to His Dark Materials. It’s a simply-recorded debut album that serves as a nice introduction to Armoured Bearcub, and if you don’t own it yet, now is the best time to get it as it’s 50% off the regular price!

Finally, I’m extending the $12 deal on Eagle shirts for the foreseeable future! I should mention that I’m beginning to run low on larges and extra larges, so swoop in now if you want one. I don’t plan to repress these — when my current stock runs out, they’ll be gone forever!

Make sure you head over to my Merchandise page if you’re interested in any of these lovely deals!

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