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Fall Tour Recap, Winter Plans!

Hey folks!

A very quick recap of fall tour: We raised $2,313 for Friends of Esther and the This Star Won’t Go Out Foundation. Our goal was to raise $500. The generosity, sincerity, and enthusiasm displayed by wizard rock fans across the country was something I can’t adequately describe, but I can simply point you to that number if you need any demonstration. THANK YOU to all the fans who contributed! You lovely young wizards and witches are the reason I get up in the morning. I love you guys!

Not gonna lie: I’m looking forward to a few months off from touring, but I’ve got a LOT planned between now and April. Here’s a quick run-down:

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Fall Tour Mixtape Contest!

It seems like forever since I had a contest! This fall, I’ve teamed up with Lauren and Justin to create something really fun and interactive and educational (for us, anyway). Long story short: If you’re coming to a show this fall, make us a mixtape (in CD form) and give it to us at the show! We’ll listen to all submissions while we drive around the country, and the best mix will earn one lucky winner a variety of kick-ass prizes, as further described in this video:


Fall Tour Schedule!

Hey folks!

As usual, Justin, Lauren, and I been receiving questions from lots of fans about where we’ll be playing this fall. Thank you for your interest! We have a pretty crazy schedule, mostly due to the fact that we 1) want to play some shows on the west coast and 2) are booked to play an amazing event on November 5 and 6: the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention. Our schedule is built on the wacky premise that we’ll be getting to the west coast and back to Memphis between October 13 and November 5. Unfortunately, this results in a few cities being skipped — but seriously, we’re the most prolific tourers in wizard rock, so we don’t feel bad about it. If we’re missing you this time around, we’ll see you soon!

I’ve been booking shows like a crazy person over the last few weeks, and — we’re facing the same challenge we’ve faced over the last year or so: libraries with little to no budget. About half the tour is booked; another 15 to 20% is very close to being booked. That leaves a good number of dates that are looking at least a little grim. We need help! If you live in a city that’s not booked yet and you have an idea for a venue (your house qualifies as a potential venue!), please email me at!

Here’s the schedule! Please note that specifics will be provided in the next week or so! Keep checking the tour page on this website for more details.

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Fall Tour T-Shirt Preview!


If you follow me on twitter, you may have already seen a preview of my fall tour t-shirt! Here it is:

You might be wondering why the hell I’m making a shirt with an emblematic eagle in Hufflepuff colors. Honestly, I’m really not sure why, except that I find expressions of extreme patriotism amusing and there’s nothing more patriotic than a majestic eagle perched on a tree branch, spreading its wings and turning its head to one side. Am I right? Whateva.

I love this shirt. That’s the bottom line.

Now, here’s the deal. Gold on black is what I think looks best for this shirt. But I could be wrong. If you have any suggestions for alternate color schemes, please feel free to suggest them in the comments! I would love to get your input.

By the way, this design was created by Michael Hays. You can check out more of his work by clicking here.

Fall tour begins October 13 and it’ll last for about a month! More details are coming soon. In the mean time, you are probably aware that the third Hunger Games book is coming out on TUESDAY. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!! AGGHHHH!!!!! *deep breath* Lauren and I have this side project called Armoured Bearcub, and we have a song about Katniss and Peeta! You should check it out by clicking this link!

That’s it for now!