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Frequently Asked Questions About House Party Shows

Every fall since 2007, I’ve embarked on something that many of my wizardly colleagues feel is superfluous and/or risky: Fall Tour. While summer tours bring the promise of big crowds and successful shows, fall tours involve scary things like school nights and cold weather. Fall tours also involve increasing the frequency with which you play in certain cities, resulting in the fairly difficult task of convincing a financially-strapped public library to host you multiple times in a year. Some libraries have the budget and the staff to handle several wizard rock shows a year, but most of them are really only interested in hosting one big event during the summer.

So, every fall since 2007, I’ve accepted the inevitability of finding alternative venues for shows. Wizard rock is a tough sell for many clubs, and awesome DIY spaces like churches and community centers are relatively hard to find. And that’s why we occasionally resort to house party shows.

Personally, I love house party shows. Depending on the house and the group of attendees, house shows range from small, intimate gatherings to all-out dance parties, and all potential scenarios have their advantages. Some houses are so much fun that we actually prefer them to the local library. Regardless, there are some fans who just don’t feel comfortable attending a show at a stranger’s house, and we totally get that. This blog is an attempt to provide some reassurance for anyone who feels unsure about attending one of our house shows this fall.

Here are some questions and answers!
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