Frequently Asked Questions

Did you get my facebook message/email/voicemail, and if so, why haven’t you responded?
Sorry Mom! I’ll call you tonight. Love you!

I just checked your tour schedule and you’re playing a show in New York City. I live 25 minutes from NYC! Why won’t you come to my home town instead?!

Can you play a show at my venue? I can afford to pay you a fair wage for your work!
Cool! Send me an email: thewhompingwillows@gmail.com

Can you play a show at my house? I will bake you cookies, and after the show I will show you my collection of Harry Potter figurines!!
Aw. No offense, but I do need adequate compensation for my work, just like any other working person. Drop me a line anyway and we’ll see if it’s possible. thewhompingwillows@gmail.com

Dude, it’s 2014. Why are you still doing this?
Cause it’s fun!

What do you plan to do now that the last book is out?
Hey, 2007 called. It wants your stupid question back.

Are you planning to make more [insert old design] shirts?
Definitely not. I still have some leftovers available at my online store though.